Thursday, March 28, 2013

Taking Megan Suarez's "Whimsy Girls" workshop.  So much fun!  I've loved her work for years and wished she would offer a workshop and now she has.  Yay!  Here is my first "Whimsy Girl."  "Whimsy Mermaids" coming soon.  Splash!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Come on, spring!

Sooooooo tired of the cold and the wind.  The daffodils are trying their best to come up!  Yay, spring!

Did this painting for a friend's baby shower.

And this one for a friend's birthday.

And this one for my son's birthday.

So I finally got up my nerve to enter an arts and crafts show in April.  Just 3 weeks to get ready!  Luckily, one of those weeks is spring break, so I'll have a week off from school to try to get some small mixed media paintings done and create a cute booth.  Wish me luck!