Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another great art site for you!

Calligra-Fun practice page

Creative Workshops is another great site for those of us who enjoy online art workshops.  I have taken two awesome lettering workshops with Martha Lever ("Italic Calligraphy" and "Calligra-Fun"), a journaling workshop with Jodi Ohl and a backgrounds class with Nancy Lefko.  So much fun!

Our lives are busy, and we need to find time - make time! - to do the things we enjoy.  Online art classes give us the flexibility to work at our own pace and at convenient times.  We don't have to drive anywhere or - and this is a biggie for me - have others looking at our work until we're ready for it to be seen.  Creative Workshops  is a great place to start if you've been thinking about trying an online workshop.

AND from July 16 to August 20, Creative Workshops will be hosting "Artful Gathering," an online art retreat!  Seventeen art classes by some of the most amazing and talented artists/teachers working today!  To learn more, click on the button that says "An Amazing Event" or "I'm a member of Creative Workshops."

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