Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Finally!  The "Made For You Swaparoo" swap ended last week, and just as I was getting ready to post pictures of the awesome goodies I received in the swap, Blogger went down!  Stayed up as late as I could waiting for it to come back up, but we had to leave at 3 am to go out of town for 4 days, so ANYWAY I'm finally getting around to posting about this amazing and totally fun swap!

Jessica Ocasio from New Jersey was my swap partner and she has the coolest site - www.cutyourheartout.com.  She sent me some really beautiful things and one kinda' creepy but very fun thing!

The necklace of sage green and rose cabochons on a silver chain looks like it was made to go with a new top I have - it's like she was watching me shop!  The black filagree earrings are my husband's favorite - he LOVES to see me in what he calls "dangly earrings" and these black ones go with everything from jeans and casual wear to my little black dress.

Jessica also made these gorgeous cards - wish the picture could show more details - they really are lovely.  Even the round blue box all these items were gift-wrapped in is handmade.  SO pretty - blue and silver.

Now the skull!  How cute is he?  I laughed out loud when I saw him.  I grew up in Texas and the whole "Day of the Dead" thing was part of our Tex-Mex culture, so he has a prominent place on a shelf in my studio as does the pretty blue box - perfect size for all those tiny things that tend to get away if they're not corralled.  Jessica, thank you SO much!  I love all my goodies!  And thank you so much to the Swaparoo hosts!  What a great online party!


  1. What great stuff! I am totally in love with that skull-it's brilliant-your partner was great! :) I'm glad you managed to get this posted, Blogger ate mine too-but I haven't gotten the pictures backup to it yet...

    Thanks for being such a great participant-I hope to have you next time!

  2. Those. Are. Awesome! I love the whole package that she sent you. :D

    Thanks so much for participating in the swaparoo! We enjoyed having you in it. :)